You should meet my son trailer

WGLB: You Should Meet My Son! -- Trailer

you should meet my son trailer

You Should Meet My Son! likes · 92 talking about this. Available now on Amazon and I-tunes. Watch the trailer now at You Should Meet My Son! -- The Trailer. Level: Topic: Arts & Entertainment. This is my single son Brian. Does your mom do this a lot? It's complicated. You Should Meet My Son 2. 75 likes · 3 talking about this. A comedy about a fundamentalist mom who is determined to stop her gay son's wedding. But her.

But I just knew right off top that I wanted to play this character.

you should meet my son trailer

Tell us how you got involved with the project and what drew you to it. As soon as I read the script I was in. As you said, Chase is layered. I immediately had some ideas on the direction I wanted to take. What was she like to work with? Ryann makes it easy for you. Who was your favourite scene partner and why? My favorite scene partner had to be Tyler. We got pretty close pretty quickly off camera, and I think that allowed us a little more room for improv in our scenes.

Emory Duncan Chase is the most layered character in the film. What did you draw on for the more emotional and personal moments?

you should meet my son trailer

You have a great chemistry with Tyler Richmeier, who plays Brian. What was your experience like working together? Tyler is incredibly talented. We became fast friends off set, and that allowed for a level of comfortably with one another that the script called for.

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In addition, the choices I made were largely improvisatory. While their process is understandably expedited for plot purposes, the actual moment between the sisters is genuinely touching.

you should meet my son trailer

And it helps create a foundation for the farce to follow. Hartman struggles to sustain the plot throughout the entire film. Watch You Should Meet My Son! | Prime Video

Just as Mae and Rose's foray into the bar scene starts to wear thin, the story takes a turn for the really bizarre, and Hartman pushes the patience of even the most forgiving audience. In a scene stolen straight from Auntie Mame, the film rides right off the rails into the sunset. Fortunately, the cast is wonderfully lovable, providing a constant level of accessibility until the end. McGee gives a charming performance as the doting mother.

You Should Meet My Son (2010) - Trailer

While the character's transformation might leave some room for doubting, McGee sells the woman's love for her son completely. There's real chemistry between her and Goans, and they create a pair of meddling mother hens whom you'd love to have in your life, but maybe not your family. Carrico actually has a tough role to play.

Since Brian is a secondary character in the film, he's supposed to be a babe and a catch, but his actions make him a little unlikable. Carrico relies on good looks and a few soulful moments to redeem the character. It's just enough to warrant a pass. In addition to Mame's story being a source of inspiration, there are definite tinges of To Wong Foo, Sordid Lives, Big Eden and many other iconic gay films.

While not living up to the original material, it does allow Hartman to introduce a varied cast of characters for some background flair, including drag queens, leather boys and a queer-youth support group. The film gets a little preachy at the end, but there's nothing like a naked painting of George W. Bush to break the tension.