Arakawa under the bridge x ending a relationship

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arakawa under the bridge x ending a relationship

Looking for information on the anime Arakawa Under the Bridge? after a run-in with some mischievous kids on Arakawa Bridge, he ends up falling into the river running underneath. Focus on Ichinomiya and Nino's relationship as a romance anime. 2. . Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge Premium Edition, Sea . But he ends up owing his life to a strange girl who saves his life. Nino, the girl, believes she's a martian & lives under the bridge by the Arakawa river. So the. I finished watching the Anime series apparently where it ends was Amazoness x Hoshi and the Battle Royale which Maria wins. I want to know.

He has a scar on the right side of his face, whose origin is unknown. He cares for Nino's wellbeing as well as asking Kou if his love for Nino was real. Every Sunday, he holds a mass that usually lasts only a few seconds in the church under the bridge.

This involves having his congregation run to line up, firing his machine gun in the air, and asking if anyone did anything wrong. If he gets no response, the service ends and everyone present gets a bag of cookies. It is unknown what would happen if anyone has done something wrong. Strangely, while Sister is dressed as a Catholic sister, his church is adorned with an Orthodox cross.

Under his robe is a military outfit from his days as a soldier. He may still believe himself to be in the middle of a war, as he lays down booby traps all the time and is shown to always be thinking in terms of military strategics. He is in love with Maria, whom he met during the last war he was in, whose insults are the only things that can unnerve him, causing his scar to open up. Surprisingly, he is good at making cookies and other sweets.

Toru Tezuka A cordial, year-old man who is obsessed with always stepping on a white line since he believes his wife will turn into a white cornish if he doesn't, something he fears above anything elsetherefore he always walks around pushing a line painter so that he always has something white to walk on.

According to him, he has had this obsession six years prior to the start of the series and has not seen his family since. He does not have a job for the village though. He is married to a wife who understands his obsession and has a high school-aged daughter. Despite being estranged with his family, they seem to still be very close, with his wife lining up and mailing him the forms for stepping on white lines tournaments. Though usually polite with everyone in the village, he is shown to be fiercely competitive; he spends the entire year training for the village's annual race, because "it's the only time [he] gets the spotlight.

During the village's Sumo Wrestling competition, Sister and Maria, both being war veterans and heavily experienced fighters, and the Chief, a self proclaimed kappa and the reigning master of Sumo Wrestling at the village, all forfeited when they saw Shiro obsessively chanting his determination to stay in the shikiri-sen, the two white lines at the centre of a Sumo wrestling ring.

His name literally means "White. Like Hoshi, they are jealous of Kou's relationship with Nino. They are self-proclaimed espers, saying that they have psychic powers and that their helmets are so that they won't float away or be detected by the military, with the unfortunate side-effect of them being unable to use their powers. The only powers they have said they have so far are flight and the ability to travel through time and space.

Their jobs are being in charge of the hot baths in the oil barrels. Oddly enough, they are first shown to be teenagers and later seemed to regress to children. Natsumi Abe A young red-haired girl who grows vegetables for the village. The epitome of a klutzy girl, she is literally dangerously clumsy, often turning what should be a simple accident into a massive disaster. Despite an allusion to mishaps, P-ko is still intent on getting a drivers license so that she can travel further during Winter to gather seeds.

Kou is strongly against this and in their argument, he learns much to his horror that she already possesses a motorcycle license. She has a crush on the village chief, but he is unaware of her feelings. Her hair grows extremely quick, and she needs a hair cut every week. Nana Katase Maria is a pink haired woman who runs a nearby farm where all the Arakawa residents get their dairy and produce from.

While having a beautiful appearance, she casually passes out incredibly harsh insults to other people and is a sadist that can not stand a week without insulting someone.

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge – 13 [End]

She looks down on males and only acts mean to them. She met Sister during the last war that they had and was an opposing spy that tried to get information from him. Eri Tokunaga Stella is a little blonde girl from an orphanage in England that Sister ran. While initially thought to be small and cute, she is a powerful fighter and sometimes speaks in a threatening tone to show her superiority.

When she is angry, she has the ability to turn into a giant and look extremely masculine, very closely resembling and also often parodying Raoh from Fist of the North Star. She has a crush on Sister, which made her hostile towards Maria initially. But after meeting and fighting Maria, she grows fond of her, and looks up to her.

She considers herself the boss of Arakawa, and sees the twins as her underlings. Takaya Kamikawa Kou's strict father, who adheres to his family's rules and looks down on Kou. Nino is presented as someone who could be very human in appearance She has a short span of attention when things or situations do not interest her.

Listening to her most treasured tapes without permission makes her mad enough to climb a telephone pole. Trying to take Rec from her, gets some interesting responses that aren't her usual. Anyone who is an outsider to the Arakawa's riverbed would believe that her Venusian story may be just a fragment of her imagination, but it turns out to be true.

Her hair acts as an antenna whenever she perceives there is something wrong around her. She also used it as a radar for Rec, as a way to know if he was doing well during his emergency trip to Venus.

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Her idea of hospitality around friends and her boyfriend, which is a Venusian trait, is force feeding them the fishes she catch for dinner. Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: She is a blonde, and her heart is too pure as she is an stranger to normal earthling topics such as "relationships". She can also sense from far away when a person is evil or not. After she finds out that Hoshi used her treasured tapes to record a new song and all the blame is turned against Recshe gets very mad and she climbs a telephone pole as a way to isolate herself from the rest of the community.

Since Nino is always wearing a tracker suit's jersey, no one could notice that she has big breasts. She is originally presented as an ambiguous human who claims to be from Venus, but her claims turn out to be true, as it's revealed that she was left behind by her Venusian parents.

She has a pure heart and a pure soul, and her naivety is often played with in the rest of the series. She used to take baths normally outdoors, but after a visit from the cops she began to use a Modesty Towel. It's later revealed that, since she is actually a Venusian, she doesn't find it "weird" to be naked, but more "natural", although she feels it as a distant memory of her race.

Despite the few dresses that Rec has bought for her, she only wears a school tracker suit jersey and a pair of shorts and a pair of shoes. The Mayor provides her lots of them as they are hidden in his underwater bunker. Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Nino fills this role for Rec, though her personality doesn't fit very well. She is the Masculine Girl to Rec's Feminine Boy, to some extent, as she is unfamiliar with what a normal girl is supposed to be doing in a relationship.

While there are a few women in the community P-ko and Mariait's implied she learnt some of her "feminine" manners from Sister and teen idol magazines as seen in the live action-drama. Due to her unnatural strength, Nino is quite capable of taking out her anger on someone. Her past and her "I'm a Venusian" claims are deliberately left out of focus earlier into the series. It's later revealed that she is really an alien, that she was left behind as some part of deal with the Mayor, and that Venusians are always fated to be with their "other halves" they are always born in a pair of twins, and devote their love to each otherbut since her twin died in Earth, she was left behind.

She and Rec are the main couple of the series. It's later revealed that they are literally their respective "other halves", as Nino believes they were meant to be with each other. Only Known by Their Nickname: Her real name is never revealed, and she is commonly known as "Nino" or "Nino-san".

Her name comes from the tag "Class " Ni-no-san on the tracker suit's jersey that she always wears.

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Her parents left her behind after her twin brother died on Earth. She ignores everything Hoshi is meaning to do for her love, but if Rec does something romanticshe's touched.

That is, of course, "if" she notices it. She Cleans Up Nicely: Just give her any kind of cute feminine clothing, and she would look gorgeous under Rec and Hoshi 's eyes. Despite her claims that she doesn't want to forget Rec's face or name after she saved his life and proposes him to be lovers although she didn't know what it really impliedshe develops feelings only towards him because Rec was later revealed to be her "other half".

Her face always shows a melancholic stare, rarely showing a smile. Unlessshe shares moments with Rec and the rest of the villagers. Nino is notably seen as distant with whatever happens around her, unless she enjoys herself. It's even noted by the Mayor that she has changed once it seems that she fell in love with Rec.

Nino keeps a lot of fish inside her jersey's jacket. The Mayor Played by: An odd man that constantly wears a kappa suit, he manages to gather and lead the members of the village with a good amount of misguided skill. Although he is the crazy leader of the community, most of his actions especially outside the Arakawa's riverbank are very competent in his own benefit.

It's unclear if the villagers are just playing along with him or not at the end of the series. No one could have guessed at the start of the series that a man who believes that he is a kappais actually one of the main moving figures behind the whole plot of the series. He has his own reasons to do so, especially as it concerns the safety of Nino and the secrets that lay under the Arakawa's riverbed. The Mayor claims that he is a real kappa, but his obvious rubber suit differs.

Everyone also buys the idea that he is a mythical creature even Rec, if only for a few minutesthough, as he tries good enough to act as such. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Despite his "mythical creature" claims and his guidancethe Mayor is the most mysterious person who lives on the Arakawa's riverbank. It's heavily implied that he is someone who has enough influence in the outside, as he has saved many of the villagers such as Rec when they get involved in dangerous situations that would concern the safety of Nino's real identity.

It's clearly unknown what his face really looks like, not even when he is doing an illusion-magic performance or when he is out of the kappa suit. Despite his claims that he is a mythical creature, he is only wearing a full-body rubber costume.

The Mayor names people with objects that are close to his sight, once they become members of the community. The ending suggests that he is living with P-ko, as he is seen under his real appearance. It's unknown if they are a couple, though. The Mayor has had moments of deep insight at times, belying the aloof nature he normally sports. He may be just ignoring some stuff whenever someone points it out to him, but whenever it threatens the riverbank, he always makes it personal.

Everyone knows that P-ko loves him, but apparently he doesn't know anything about her crush on him. At the end, it's implied that they end up together, or at least, live with each other. The Mayor is very protective to Nino and her well-being, as she was left behind by her biological parents as part of some deal they had with him.

arakawa under the bridge x ending a relationship

People in Rubber Suits: He is not a real kappa, just a man who is always using a rubber suit. Hilarity Ensues when Rec is the only one who recognizes this. He is the highest-positioned member of the Arakawa's community, and although he is always Obfuscating Stupidityhe is always going to support everyone in the riverbank whenever they get in trouble.

Tomokazu Sugita voice, animeand Takayuki Yamada drama A former famous musician who hit rock bottom and now lives under the bridge. He's always seen wearing his trademark star mask.

arakawa under the bridge x ending a relationship

He's also in love with Nino and always tries to make Rec look stupid in front of her. Under the bridge, he provides all the music for events.

Once Rec starts living in the riverbank, Hoshi gets on par moments with him. He starts being the butt of the jokes once he finds out that Nino considers Rec as her boyfriend, but not him. He ends up being put in a lot of painful situations. Hoshi gets insanely jealous of Rec, because he also has feelings for Nino. Although she barely notices his own feelings towards her. He has known her for a couple of years, and fell in love with her at first sight.

His original plan was approaching her little by little to win her heart Instead of feeling fully rejected, Hoshi attempts to be more spectacular to gain her attention because he notices that Nino and Rec's relationship doesn't advance too much.

Even Evil Has Standards: He wants and intends to ruin Rec with his own hands. He was initially on board with Rec being hypnotized to "fall in love" with Amazoness He wears two masks to cover his face. How is it even possible to make expressions on them, is anyone's guess We never see how is Hoshi under his mask, we only know from sketches and short appeareances of his real self, that he often wears sunglasses due to his former stardom 's status, he wants to stay anonymous and that he has short red hair.

Hoshi has some questionable fashion's tastes and he even does his own t-shirts. He is persistent to get Nino's attention, even after she mentions that she and Rec are a couple. No matter how many times he tries. Once Hoshi sees that Nino and Rec are meant to be together, he realizes that there is no more reason to stay behind with the rest of the Arakawa's community, and he wants to return to his former musical career.

He gives a final threat to Rec, with tears on his eyes, that he will never forgive him if he makes her cry. He acts as petty and as a Jerk Jock around Rec. He messed up Nino's treasured tape and Rec gets blamed for it.

He voluntarily ruins Rec and Nino's dates because he can't stand them being with each other. However, he even ruins moments involuntarily, when things about those two are getting very serious such as when Nino and Rec find out that he recorded a song in one of Nino's treasured tapes.

Hoshi has more in common with Rec than he would expect, especially when it concerns their feelings towards Nino, as they end up acting very childish just to get her attention. Due to his anonymity from the spotlight, he is only known as "Hoshi" by everyone in the Arakawa's community.

He is always going to be resentful towards Rec, and only because he "got the girl". Hoshi used to be a famous singer that even made it to the Oricon charts, but he lost his inspiration his management never let him use his own songs and became "Hoshi" to get away from everything.

Takehito Koyasu voice, animeand Yuu Shirota drama A former soldier that became a man of the wrong cloth once he came to Arakawa. He constantly carries all manner of guns with him and clearly still holds a military mindset. He provides church services under the bridge. A Father to His Men: He used to be in the military, and it is implied that he was seen as such in his own squad and that is also recurrent with the rest of Arakawa's community.

When he isn't capable of taking Maria's insults, blood comes out from his face's scar. Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: He is the tallest man of the Arakawa's community, so he is seen as a Huge Guy to every woman of the village with noticeable exception to Amazoness. Since Sister was in the military, he can easily react whenever anyone may be lying in front of him.

Love at First Punch: He met Maria in the middle of a battlefield when she used one of her attacks to leave him bald.

He immediately fell head over heels in love of her. He has an obsession of throwing grenades everywhere, due to his paranoia of being suddenly attacked by an enemy. Sister takes seriously his position as a nun, although he is a paranoid soldier who threats the Arakawa's community by the gun. He is a huge man who used to be in the military, and he is well trained in the arts of camouflage and weaponry.

The Mayor knows that he is a good person capable of his job, though. He is only known as "Sister", and nothing else more. Due to his military's training, he is rarely seen with a smile on his face. This is indeed a WAAY over the top comedy, with no bars held back and if that's not your cup of tea, than this show won't change your mind otherwise.

The Art of the show in general would be classed as standard fair for the anime at that time. However, since "Shaft" were the developers for this show, Madoka Magica, Bakemonogatari you can expect to get some eye popping, over the top art work.

Overall, the outrageous art of the show only added to fit the whole tone the show was trying to portray. Quickly though, the live action segments with the Kappa at the end of each episode is probably some of the most hilarious scenes I have ever seen. The sound of Arakawa under the bridge is not anything spectacular. There were no background music that particulary stood out to me, and instead I found myself simply engrossed in the dialogue to even notice.

The opening and endings on the other hand is definitely worth mentioning. The opening theme of the show, Venus To Jesus is a light, moderate pace tune which is easily a good listen and can be enjoyed without any context. It definitely fits the lightheartedness of the show. The ending, Sakasama Bridge is a personal favorite. Plus it's by Suneohair, whose also done works in shows such as, Honey and Clover!

Last, without spoiling anything, there's a song titled, "Losers Wail" and if the title alone doesn't convince you how funny it is, than prepare to wail yourself if you do get the chance to listen to it!

Talking about the characters in Arakawa under the bridge is difficult. You see, each resident of the Arakawa River is strange in it's own way, but only adds to the charm. For instance, you have a a Church Sister who's not really a sister that came from the military and acts like the Terminator, but with more dialogue.