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At one point Dogmeat finds a Gunner camp. I can see him mauling people as I take pot shots. Me at this point: Except the deer have machine guns. Fortunately, the only thing more stupid than my dog right now is the Vertibird pilot who crashes into a bridge trying to line up a shot. I think if he went into an empty room right now the floor would attack me.

I pray it stays there and find out that Deathclaws can apparently hear praying because it immediately turns and heads straight for the dog. At least someone up there was listening though: Why do these eyes of mine cry. Don't they know it's the end of the world. I think Dogmeat requested it. Anywhere even the memory of an enemy once stood seems worth checking. For a while he heads in completely the wrong wrong direction, walks up to a bus blocking his path and sort of looks at it for a while, before turning around and walking back the way he came.

At least the next third or so passes without incident. Okay, Dogmeat sets off a couple of mines but we actually make it to Lexington with little more than a Ghoul attack.

It begins to rain. Sunrise is just starting to bother the horizon. This is it, the home stretch. I can see my position and Sanctuary on the same map screen finally. Which is when this whole stupid idea faces its biggest threat. The one running in the wrong direction. Holy crap, these things are fast. Dogmeat is off like a rocket back the way we came. Instead of trying to catch him I aim a long shot up the ass of the fleeing stag and end it.

As Dogmeat turns around and heads slowly back I grimly execute every last stag I can find. All the moral options in Fallout 4 and this is the worst. After a short search you come across the corpse of the mighty predator… which turns out to be a dead labrador with a fake mane stuck onto it.

Once kitty is in the wagon, close the doors and drive back to the caravan. Following another sob story from Margaret, Morgan travels to a barn at the nearby Emerald Ranch to capture a creature that really is a lion, honest! Once you investigate the barn, head back outside to discover a freshly slain corpse, and amazingly, and actual seriously miffed male lion. Enter into Dead Eye and kill the best with headshots to conclude this whole devious, if entertaining, escapade.

To finish off the quest, go back to the caravan one final time where Arthur demands payment from Margaret. Still, that poor doggo. The Smell of Grease Paint One the silliest and strangely sweetest Stranger missions in the game - a story of reuniting a ragtag family of theatre performers.

And, Arthur can access this quest from chapter two onwards. To trigger this tale of dim-witted giants and impish, disappearing conjurers, simply saunter over to the saloon at Van Horn Trading Post at the easternmost point of the map.

Once you enter the bar Arthur encounters two bickering members of a travelling sideshow: After a brief cutscene, Arthur needs to fight and subdue Bertram. Beat some sense into the gentle giant to complete the first act of this two part quest.

When you reach this spot on the banks of the Kamassa River, Morgan meets Magnifico. This mischievous little magician is tired of the travelling sideshow lifestyle, and makes a run for it as soon as Arthur tries to bring him in.

Give chase, and your outlaw must contend with the various brightly coloured clouds of smoke Magnifico leaves in his wake to throw you off the scent. Just follow the yellow points of interest on your map and you should have no problem catching up to him.

The only semi confounding bit is when he seemingly disappears, though after a little investigation, you can quickly find him perching in a nearby tree. Once the diminutive figure legs it for the final time, a train promptly pops up to stop his escape. After this, Magnifico is reunited with Bertram and Miss Marjorie.

Pick the poor chap up, then give him a ride back to the backwater village of Butcher Creek to finish the first step of this four act mission.

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Sleep for 24 hours, then return to Butcher Creek to kick off the next part of the quest. The following step is pretty simple, though you definitely want a full Dead Eye meter to take out a gang of rabid dogs that the locals view as demons. Put all these seemingly possessed pooches down to complete this quest step. Once another in-game day passes, return to Butcher Creek, where Arthur finds a silver-tongued Native American putting the fear of God into the slow-witted yokels with tales of curses.

After the cutscene, travel to the objective marker to the south that lies on the banks of Kamassa River. Here, you must find and destroy 13 supposedly cursed artefacts that can all be found hanging in nearby trees. Follow the red dots on your radar, use Eagle Vision to highlights these objects, then shoot them to pieces. Return to Obediah at Butcher Creek to complete this step. The fourth and final act of this mission can be accessed once another 24 hours pass.

Return to Butcher Creek once again where stories of the local curse are still running rampant. After a fretful chat with Obediah as the shaman continues to pump nonsense into his ears, follow the marker north to a nearby mine. Follow the glowing orange stream to navigate out of the mine, then return to Butcher Creek. The Veteran A touching mission where Arthur makes a new pal in the form of a one-legged — you guessed it — war veteran.

After a brief chat, Hamish asks Morgan to fetch his horse, Buell. Follow the nearby point of interest to find the horse drinking by the lake. Calm Buell down, then lead the cranky mount back to his owner to complete the first act of this four chapter Stranger mission. To start the second part of this quest, let 24 in-game hours pass by sleeping a couple of times at a portable camp.


In this act, Sinclair teaches Arthur to hunt a legendary fish from the nearby lake. Once you catch the ferocious fish, the second chapter of this quest finishes. Follow Hamish up into the hills, then let him take the lead as he tracks wolfy through the forest.

Once you find the beast, make sure your Dead Eye is topped up, because the critter has lead you into an ambush, meaning you have to quickly shoot several of her pack. Once you put down the very bad boys, a final wolf charges you. Complete the QTE, then blast the beast in the face to mission this part of the quest.

As ever, let 24 in-game hours pass before taking on the final part of this mission.