Relationship between canada and japan

Canada-Japan Relations

relationship between canada and japan

Japan-Canada Summit Meeting(November 18, ) · Foreign Minister Kono Attends the Women Foreign Ministers' Meeting Co-hosted by Canada and the. Notwithstanding the good relationship that exists today between Japan and Canada, there is room for closer engagement in and beyond. Trade between Japan and Canada has stagnated for over a decade. Exports from Canada to Japan grew only four per cent from to

Notwithstanding the good relationship that exists today between Japan and Canada, there is room for closer engagement in and beyond, particularly in trade, investment, educational exchanges, and in partnering on strategic interests.

relationship between canada and japan

Still, there remains a lot of untapped potential in the Canada-Japan trade relationship. The Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP would have been the best opportunity to advance economic relations, but there is a distinct possibility that the TPP will not go the final mile given U.

relationship between canada and japan

This may be for the best after all since, according to the National Opinion Poll: Canadian Views on Asian Investmentmore than three-quarters of Canadians are supportive of investment from Japan, associating it with new technologies, economic growth, and job creation.

These days, Japanese investment into Canada is far surpassing Canadian investment into Japan. In the years to come, although Japanese investment should continue to be supported, Canadian investment into Japan should be encouraged in an effort to balance the investment relationship.

relationship between canada and japan

Increase the Number and Quality of Educational Exchanges Student flows have helped strengthen Canada-Japan relations through the years. Canada welcomed close to 5, international students from Japan in Meanwhile, only three per cent of Canadian students venture overseas to study abroadwith only a fraction of those choosing Asia as a study destination.

The Canadian public is now realizing how important it is for young Canadians to study abroad in pivotal countries like Japan. The NOP results show that almost 70 per cent of Canadians think their province and Asia should increase the number of student exchanges and university agreements.

Canada-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

APF Canada has already tried to do this by partnering with the Government of Japan to deliver its Kakehashi Projectwhich selects a number of Canadian students and Japanese students for a cultural and academic exchange designed to promote deeper mutual trust and understanding between the people of Canada and Japan.

Partner on Strategic Interests, such as Clean Energy and the Environment Lastly, Canada and Japan share many similar strategic interests that both countries can work on together to achieve common goals.

One such interest that has become increasingly important is clean energy and the environment. Canada has a long history of Japanese immigration and a love of Japanese culture.

Building on a Friendship: Canada-Japan Relations in 2017

An increasingly volatile world economy, as well as the specter of a more protectionist United States, means that neither Canada nor Japan can afford to take the other for granted. Yet even an opportunity as obvious as increasing economic ties between Canada and Japan won't materialize without foresight and hard work by both countries.

relationship between canada and japan

Trade between Japan and Canada has stagnated for over a decade. The Japan Canada Chambers Council, a group of business leaders connected to the national chambers of commerce in each nation, strongly support the Trans-Pacific Partnership as a means of promoting closer Canada-Japan ties.

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But the TPP is not enough. This should only be the first of many such meetings with the goal of reigniting bilateral trade negotiations with Japan through the Economic Partnership Agreement.

Successfully concluding bilateral trade negotiations between Canada and Japan would help to preserve and build upon the benefits of the TPP.

relationship between canada and japan

While all aspects of Canada and Japan's economic relationship are important, there is a unique urgency around the need to build liquefied natural gas export infrastructure to take advantage of a large but fleeting opportunity. Canada is the world's 3rd largest producer of natural gaswhile Japan is the second largest net importer of fossil fuels in the world.

There is an opportunity to expand our energy trade, but it will not take place unless the requisite export infrastructure is constructed.