Relationship between pyramids and stars

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relationship between pyramids and stars

One of the topics Graham covers in his book revolves around the pyramids of Giza and their relationship to the stars in the sky. The information. "O King, you are this great star, the companion of Orion, the link between the gods and men, and was accorded. Early surveys of Giza's pyramids found each of the four edges of the bases The benefit of this interpretation is that it links to star mythology.

relationship between pyramids and stars

The slab was a tribute to the Egyptian King Ptolemy V, with the original hieroglyph, a more modern demotic script, and, the key to our knowledge of Ancient Egypt today, a Greek translation alongside carved in BCE. The French returned control of Egypt to the English, and the Rosetta Stone click image left to enlargeas it had become known, was taken to London, where it can still be seen as a prize exhibit in the British Museum, in Bloomsbury.

Young had studied at London, Edinburgh, Gottingen and Cambridge, qualifying as a physician in From toYoung was Professor of Natural Philosophy at the Royal Institution, and it was here that much of his pioneering work on deciphering the Stone was done. Between andthe French Egyptologist Jean Francois Champollion took up a close study of the Stone, and founded modern scientific Egyptology.

These preliminary studies of the Stone allowed Egyptologists their first insight into the mind of the Ancient Egyptians. Things that were once hidden and meaningless began to become apparent, and this small seed of new knowledge soon allowed much more accurate translations of the previously attractive but ill understood hieroglyphics that adorned the walls of pyramids and tombs and temples all over Egypt.

relationship between pyramids and stars

Many of the old theories were overturned and replaced by conclusions arrived at by scientific research. Foremost among the "classical" Egyptologists is the late E.

The Giza Pyramids and The Constellation of Orion

Budge was Keeper of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum, and author of many books that form the basis of our understanding of Ancient Egypt. In particular he is remembered for his work in translating the Book of the Dead, and several hieroglyphic dictionaries, and self-teaching courses. Budge also translated numerous texts directly from the walls of later Fourth and Fifth Dynasty tombs, and cast an unbiased eye over many of the myths of the Egyptian deities and their legends.

The date at which all Egyptologists and archaeologists believe the pyramids to have been built, is hence BC. However, controversy over Giza's exact age continues to linger.

The Orion Correlation: 3 fascinating ancient structures CONNECTED to Orion!

Turn our attention to the layout of the 3 pyramids on the ground in BC. It is then observed that the Orion's belt stars are somewhat skewed in relations to the ground plan of the 3 Pyramids. Since precession causes the height of stars to change with time over a period of 26, years, try tilting the sky-image anti-clockwise back to the night sky we would observe in the 10, BC epoch. We then observe a perfect match of sky-ground image!

Orion correlation theory

While star Mintaka, smallest of the 3 stars of Orion's belt is slightly slanted in a south-westerly direction relative to the axis of the Milky Way, the 3rd pyramid too intimates this layout by being offset from the 2 greater pyramids in a similar direction. In addition, only in the 10, BC epoch will we see that River Nile which runs through Egypt actually mirrored the Milky Way in the night skies.

relationship between pyramids and stars

Seemingly, this unique layout was an attempt by ancient Egyptians to build a Heaven on Earth's ground. Discoveries of ancient Egyptian's fascination and devotion towards stars of which they associate with God tell us that the strong resemblance in the pyramids' layout with the skies is unlikely to be coincidental.

So, when exactly were the Pyramids built?

relationship between pyramids and stars