Relationship between sales promotion and advertising ppt

relationship between sales promotion and advertising ppt

consumer sales promotion. 7. List the most common forms of trade sales promotion. 8. Discuss the role of public relations in the promotional mix. Chapter 13 Ver. Sales promotion is the dissemination of information through a wide variety of activities relationship between advertising expenditure and sales revenue?. This article studies the relationship between advertising and sales promotions and their impact on brand equity. A main priority for most companies is to.

Discuss examples of institutional advertising and the industries that frequently use this form. Used in the PLC introductory stage. Competitive Influences demand for brand in the growth phase of the PLC.

Often uses emotional appeal. Used if growth is sluggish, or if competition is strong. Online Pizza Hut vs. Pioneering advertising is used during the introductory stage of the PLC.

Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotion

Competitive advertising is used during the growth phase of the PLC as competition increases. Comparative advertising compares competing brands. Before the s, comparative advertising was allowed only if the competing brand was unidentified. Advertising Objective Identifies the specific communication task that a campaign should accomplish for a specified target audience during a specified period.

Once objectives are defined, creative work can begin on the advertising campaign. Advertising strategies are organized around an advertising campaign.

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An ad campaign is a series of related ads focusing on a common theme, slogan, and set of advertising appeals. Before creative work can begin, advertising goals or objectives are established. Once objectives are defined, creative work can begin, with the advertising campaign often following the AIDA model. According to the DAGMAR Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results approach, all advertising objectives should precisely define the target market, the desired percentage change in some specified measure of effectiveness, and the time frame in which that change is to occur.

Creative decisions include identifying product benefits, developing and evaluating advertising appeals, executing the message, and evaluating the effectiveness of the campaign. A benefit is what consumers will receive or achieve by using the product. Common advertising appeals are listed in Exhibit Choosing the best appeal normally requires market research. Discuss advertisements that use these appeals. How effective are the advertisements? Effective slogans become easily recognizable to the consumer.

relationship between sales promotion and advertising ppt

Give the class a slogan or jingle, and have them name the product. Historical and current products may be used, demonstrating the lasting value of good advertising appeals.

Difference Between Advertising and Sales Promotions

Message execution is the way an advertisement portrays its information. The AIDA plan is a good means of executing an advertising message. Executional styles often dictate the type of media utilized. Post-campaign evaluation can be the most demanding task facing advertisers. The choice of medium is a major decision for advertisers. Monitored media includes those media shown above and monitored by national reporting services. Unmonitored media is shown on this slide.

Traditional mass-market media are declining in usage and more targeted media are growing. Advertising media are channels that advertisers use in mass communication. The six major advertising media are listed on this slide. Chapter 16 Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotion Newspapers Advantages Disadvantages Geographic selectivity Short-term advertiser commitments News value and immediacy Year-round readership High individual market coverage Co-op and local tie-in availability Short lead time Limited demographic selectivity Limited color Low pass-along rate May be expensive Notes: Advantages and disadvantages of major advertising media are summarized in Exhibit The following slides show a close-up of each media type.

The main sources of newspaper ad revenue are local retailers, classified ads, and cooperative advertising. Compared to the cost of other media, the cost per contact in magazine advertising is usually high.

Difference Between Advertising and Sales Promotions |

Although magazine cost per contact may be higher than other media, ads reach specialized audiences and thus more potential customers.

One of the main advantages of magazine advertising is market selectivity. Name magazines that appeal to a specialized audience. If you have copies available, review the publication to identify the advertisers. Chapter 16 Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotion Radio Advantages Disadvantages Low cost Immediacy of message Short notice scheduling No seasonal audience change Highly portable Short-term advertiser commitments Entertainment carryover No visual treatment Short advertising life High frequency to generate comprehension and retention Background distractions Commercial clutter Notes: Local advertisers are the most frequent users of radio advertising.

Radio also lends itself well to cooperative advertising. Advertising as explained above is a paid announcement, wherein the message is conveyed to attract the customer and bring is attention towards the product, through a medium. Every company wants to build and maintain an image in front of the public, through various channels.

Key Differences Between Advertising and Promotion The following are the major differences between advertising and promotion: A monolog activity, which draws the attention of prospective customers towards a product, brand or service is known as Advertising. Advertising is a part of the promotion.

Therefore, it can be said that advertising is also an act of promoting the product. Advertising is done to build brand image and increase sales, whereas Promotion is used to push short-term sales. Advertising is one of the elements of promotion while the promotion is the variable of the marketing mix.

Advertising has a long term effect but at the same time promotion has short term effects. The results of advertising are shown by the passage of time. Conversely, the results of the promotion are seen immediately.

relationship between sales promotion and advertising ppt

Advertising is an expensive tool. Unlike promotion which is an economical tool.

relationship between sales promotion and advertising ppt

Advertising is suitable for medium and big enterprise whereas Promotion is for all kinds of enterprises irrespective of its size.