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translate flirt in hindi

Meaning and definitions of flirt, translation in Hindi language for flirt with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of flirt in Hindi and in English . The following foreign words aren't impossible to translate, they just upon meeting someone that falling in love with him or her is inevitable. flirt. Flirting - Arabic meanings: التغازل - Definition & Synonyms English to Arabic dictionary gives you the best and accurate Arabic translation and meanings of Flirting.

Stealing things of small value, mostly for fun rather than out of necessity. The act of relaxing with loved ones and good friends, usually while enjoying food and drink; the word is associated with coziness. Connected to the idea of fate, this word means that something can't be helped, so why worry about it? To wholeheartedly appreciate the successes of others. Melancholic longing or nostalgia for a person, place or thing that is far away from you.

The interplay between light and leaves when sunlight shines through trees. A feeling that synthesizes grief, sympathy, remorse and longing. A collective feeling of oppression and isolation. As Los Angeles Times put it in"it's as amorphous a notion as love or hate: Withdrawing affection from a person when one's feelings have been hurt. The stain left on a table from a cold glass of water.

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The feeling of being embarrassed for another person. The feeling experienced while alone in the woods, connecting with nature. The sound of leaves rustling in the wind. Koi No Yokan Language: It reveals they are all connected to a crime and are responsible for it. The writer says he will kill all of them.

Everybody retires to their rooms, Anand spies on them. Acharya has a bottle of poison and Dharamdas has a revolver.

"flirter" in Hindi

Kishan catches Anand spying but does nothing. The butler acts suspiciously, proving there is at least one more person in the house. The next day, Kishan spots a ship and fails sending a distress signal. Anand starts flirting with Asha, and things heat up between Rakesh and Kitty.

Everyone is suspicious of everybody. Rakesh's prime suspect is Anand. Anand and Asha find Kishan's corpse. His killer left a note saying Kishan murdered Sohanlal.

The group deduces Dharamdas killed Kishan.

FLIRT Meaning in Hindi: Translation of Flirt in Hindi

Sharma asks for one day to prove his innocence. Dharamdas is found dead by Anand and Asha. Anand concludes the culprit is within the group. Rakesh believes the doctor poisoned Dharamdas. It becomes clear everyone in the house was connected to Sohanlal. Kitty is Sohanlal's secretary. Rakesh wrote Sohanlal's will on Khanna's orders. Asha suspects Anand, who says nothing when she asks about himself.

Flirt Meaning Hindi, Translate Kya Hai Definition

Anand spots Rakesh hiding an axe. Acharya arrives screaming that Sharma has been killed by an axe. The killer left another note stating Sharma was Khanna's co-conspirator in Sohanlal's murder.

translate flirt in hindi

Anand accuses Rakesh of Sharma's murder. Rakesh is now unsure of Anand's guilt. Acharya catches the butler acting suspiciously. He learns the butler's secret and theyscuffle. The doctor enters the dining room, utters Anand's name, and collapses before Asha and Kitty.

translate flirt in hindi

They realise he has been stabbed. Rakesh believes Anand is the killer. Asha now questioning her faith in Anand, drinks with Kitty. Rakesh advises Asha not to go anywhere alone.

They continue looking Kitty who has gone for a swim, but senses she is not alone.

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She flees, but the killer corners her and hangs her. Rakesh and Asha arrive. Rakesh's suspicions about Anand are confirmed after spotting his hat near Kitty's corpse.