90 10 relationship breakers

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90 10 relationship breakers

These attractive qualities will also strengthen your relationship with your man. I taught my friend the 90/10 Rule and things have been great with. On the other hand, I've identified 10 specific behaviors which are highly likely to ruin your relationship. You could call these the "deal breakers.". We all have heard of the principle but do you know principle can do an amazing job Your problems are too small and your destination is too beautiful to ignore. What do you feel is the prime cause of dispute in a relationship?.

One of the nicest things about a relationship is the feeling that someone gets when they realize they can make you happy. It gives your partner great pleasure and a sense of empowerment to know that something they've done has lifted your spirits or has improved the quality of your life.

90 10 relationship breakers

If nothing is ever good enough for you and your partner feels like they can't ever make you happy, they'll end up feeling helpless and hopeless around you. They'll become frustrated in the relationship, and this will ultimately lead to its demise.

90 10 relationship breakers

Lack of commitment or cheating. A major reason for being in a relationship is to feel loved and secure. If you refuse to commit, you'll cause your partner to feel vulnerable and unsure of your true feelings.

Their growing anxiety will lead to conflict. If you flirt too overtly with other people or worse yet, are unfaithful, you'll undermine any trust that has developed between you. Your partner might stay on but if they do, they'll be extremely upset and you'll invariably hear about it, either directly or through their passive-aggressive indirectly angry behaviour. Abuse verbal or physical.

Some people believe that being in a relationship gives them license to take out their hurt or angry feelings on their partner.

90 10 relationship breakers

This is utterly wrong-headed. Loving someone means that you should treat them at all times with consideration and respect. There is no place in a relationship for any sort of abuse. When abuse is present, by definition, it's a bad relationship.

8 Relationship Deal Breakers!

You have every right to become angry or upset with your partner on occasion, but it's never acceptable to be abusive toward them. Many women believe that screaming at their husband isn't abuse in same the way as a man hitting a woman is. Going off on your partner, whether by yelling or hitting, is a deal breaker and will eventually destroy the love between you. She had always considered herself to be a very independent, self-reliant woman. Why was she feeling this way?

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Why was she acting this way? I explained to my friend that if all of your happiness completely relies upon your partner, it's only a matter of time before you cross the line into stage 5 clinger territory! If you think that the only way for you to be happy is for you to be with your man, of course you are going to hold on for dear life. This is a very common issue and it is very unhealthy for you or your relationship. There needs to be space in a relationship for you both to grow. You will grow separately as people and you will grow together as a couple.

You will feel fulfilled, not just in your relationship, but in your own life, too.

Top 10 Relationship Deal Breakers

It will also benefit you by allowing your independence and strength to shine. These attractive qualities will also strengthen your relationship with your man.

90 10 relationship breakers

Was this just an unbelievably lucky couple with a beautiful love story? Or is this what love is actually supposed to be like? I honestly had the most difficult time comprehending this information; it was completely and utterly foreign.

Now, however, I get it. Because of my past relationships, I never thought I would find myself in this very situation…but here I am.

90 10 relationship breakers

Trust You always consider one another, make decisions together, and share a deep love. Being with your other half is so exciting and enjoyable that you want to experience life, travel, and laughter together. This is definitely a rare quality and should be extremely valued, and NOT taken for granted. This should be reciprocal.