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Google, Inc. (search) We present an efficient algorithm for decomposing an n- ary relation into a tree of binary . We define the notion of a model and show that a negation-free program need not have a model, and that it may have more. This paper shows an ambiguity in the definition precision [6, 7]. given by UML From the behavioral point of view, atomic in- n-ary relationship – data modeling. Learn how big an impact the number of entities in a relationship has on The aim of this article is to give some examples and show how big an.

This example can be implemented very easily. In the diagram below, we represent our ternary relationship with an extra table, which can be modelled in Vertabelo very quickly. In other words, a group can have specific classess only at one classrom. Sometimes it is possible to replace a ternary or n-ary relationship by a collection of binary relationship connecting pairs of the original entities.

However, in many cases it is hard to replace ternary relationship with two or more binary relationships because some information could be lost. Another ternary relationship presents a different situation — Teacher recommends a book for a class: In the example with groups and classes, the primary key consisted only of two foreign keys. This meant that there could be only one classroom for a specific group and class.

In this situation the primary key consists of all three foreign keys. Suppose that John owns the ball, Mary owns the doll, and Venus owns the car. Nobody owns the gun and Ian owns nothing. Thus the first element of R is the set of objects, the second is the set of persons, and the last element is a set of ordered pairs of the form object, owner.

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The pair ball, Johndenoted by ballRJohn means that the ball is owned by John. Two different relations could have the same graph. But the graphs of the two relations are the same.

Some important types of binary relations R between two sets X and Y are listed below.

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To emphasize that X and Y can be different sets, some authors call these heterogeneous relations. For example, the green relation in the diagram is injective, but the red relation is not, as it relates e. Both relations in the picture are functional.

An example for a non-functional relation can be obtained by rotating the red graph clockwise by 90 degrees, i. The green relation is one-to-one, but the red is not. Totality properties only definable if the sets of departure X resp.

In fact, the idea was pre- The decomposition is shown in Fig. This new entity is usually referred to tion. We could choose to show only these two values, and as intersection entity or associative entity or gerund [29].

8.2 n-ary Relations and Their Applications

We note that the Merise values of multiplicity are pre- 8 We use for simplicity in this example names of classes that served in this transformation, and placed again close to should denote more properly three different roles of the same class Person. Is placed by From a human point of view, In other words, the semantics of functional dependen- the procreation relationship is inherently ternary, so that its projec- cies expressed by the ternary association are lost when tion in two binary relationships will have some drawbacks in concep- simulating it with a gerund, but the semantics of partici- tual modeling, no matter how right it may be from the formal point of view of co-occurrences.

Behavioral modeling is equally important 7 Joaquin Miller, personal communication to the authors De- as structural modeling, therefore the constraints in co-occurrence, cember 13th, Only Merise multiplicity Fig. The meaning of multiplicity of n-ary associations in UML 6 A proposal for the UML standard In this Section we briefly propose the changes required to improve the semantics and notation of n-ary multiplici- ties.

First of all, par- stance of the association. This is ob- sidered as a concrete value when applying multiplicity vious for Child, but in the case of Mother and equally constraints.

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It is at the specified end. A minimum inner multiplicity 0 also stated that with a concrete father she may have en- means that the elements at the end may not take part gendered no children minChen for Child is 0and this is in the association.

Remember that we are following in this other end, and vice versa. Therefore, inner multiplici- section the potential pairs interpretation: Of course participation is no each participant instance. This is a case in which showing represented near the class on the path from the dia- more multiplicities has a strong importance for properly mond to the class. Association model element a set of tagged values that allowed the modeler to store a second set of association multiplicities. But as far as this new stereotype is not standard, its use would not be- 10 A modeler might also extend the language and specify a stereo- come generalized.

The meaning of multiplicity of n-ary associations in UML 95 Metamodel: If the associa- tation of UML n-ary multiplicities that enables the rep- tion end belongs to a binary association, the value of resentation of both participation and functional depen- innerMultiplicity is not specified.

Since this nota- tion is compatible with the three alternative interpreta- 7 Conclusions tions of Chen multiplicities, its use does not avoid by itself the ambiguity of the definition of multiplicity: If this notation were accepted, the lems of minimum multiplicity in n-ary associations, as Standard should also modify the metamodel accordingly, it is currently expressed in UML; nevertheless, our ideas since it foresees only one multiplicity specification in the are general enough to be applicable to other modeling AssociationEnd meta-class.

If this were not the case, it techniques more or less based on the entity-relationship could be at least recognized that Chen multiplicities are approach. Minimum multiplicity is closely related to the not the only sensible co-occurrence constraints that may participation constraint, although in the case of n-ary be defined in an n-ary association.

Moreover, we discovered that them are not clear, this task may become inaccessible. If the semantic implications of a model are ambigu- ticipation with limping links. These itly in agreement with UML documentation, in spite of reasons are more than enough to expect a more precise the bouncing effect of minimum multiplicity 1.

The Stan- definition of UML on this topics. Besides, if this Acknowledgements. We are inclined to support this interpretation as far as it is care- 1. Conceptual Database De- fully intended to represent incomplete associations, but sign: Benjamin-Cummings not related constraining subassociations. Designing Database Applications with city values. However, this topic deservers further research Objects and Rules: Addison-Wesley which exceeds the scope of this paper.

Object-Oriented Analysis, 2nd ed. Prentice-Hall mains unexpressed in the Chen style of representing mul- 6. The Relational Model for Database Managament: Addison-Wesley style shows it adequately. Both Chen and Merise styles 7. An Introduction to Database Systems, 6th ed. Addison-Wesley are correct, but they describe different characteristics of 8.

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Ra-Ma, Madrid 96 G. The meaning of multiplicity of n-ary associations in UML 9. An Analysis of Structural Validity of A more recent version in: Association Inheritance and Composition. Fundamentals of Database Sys- Addison-Wesley September The Unified Modeling Addison-Wesley Three, Is there a Question? European Journal of Information Relations as Semantic Constructs in an Systems, 8: Proceedings of the ACM Confer- Orlando, Floridapp.

Gold Coast, Australia, Dec. Object-Oriented Modeling and Design.