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Frozen Essence Near the end when you can only say "Yes" or "No", choose " No". 1st day: First half choose "Go North for Ice Displays", and when Caius. Frozen Essence Download Link Walkthrough Part 1 Walkthrough Part 2 Frozen Of course, Caius has a tragic back story that you can learn about by a relationship between him and the protagonist, in his light ending path. Frozen Essence is a Freeware otome Visual Novel created by VenusEclipse. three bodyguards, Rune, Caius, and Aysel who are responsible for bringing Life essence to Golden Ending: Frozen Essence is notable in that its "True End" is a .

I wanted to know each and every twist and turn. Even the "bad" endings felt so satisfying! Your revised sprites showed a LOT of improvement. And the White Order sprites were handsome, handsome men, which just goes to show how awesome your drawing has gotten. I look forward to future games with art like this. I'm envious of it, since I can't draw myself, so I can't put my ideas on paper like you can.

The animations were good I loved the life essence one and effectual for when they were used. Simulation of battle was also super effective as well!

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The pixelated blurring was weird and didn't fit, but I can't think of anything else Ren'Py offers than could replace it besides just a fade to black, which wasn't the point.

But I accepted it as convention, so no biggie. I also really liked the different poses and gestures you gave the guys. They were very realistic and cute. Perfect for their situations. Interface-wise, I liked your GUI. I would have loved separate colors for the names of characters, though. I was going to compliment your music choice before I learned that, now I worship you. The music was so It was pleasant and suiting.

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It set the atmosphere perfectly. I could have listened to it over and over, and I did. The shaking of the screen was fine, since it accented what was going on in the script, but the slappy sound that played EVERY TIME was often far from relevant to what was happening.

I had to turn sound effects off because it annoyed me for a while when replaying. I'll split it up by path, in case people haven't completed them all. Seriously, don't casually read them if you haven't gotten to a "Light" ending for them. Check the CG gallery if you don't know what is who's path. Life Path Only read if you got the "True" ending: We've been over this one behind-the-scenes. After having achieved the "True" ending and after your changes, it's the most beautiful path. I really, really liked the True ending.

I think that's how it should have gone. The true ending is the only way to go. Pulling her into the pushes and then, lol, groping her. Genius tactic to really up their relationship quickly.

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A very wise choice, along with the added "I'll carry" you and resting in between the fighting. It really felt well-paced after that, and Rune was coming back to life. I was pretty turned off on Caius from the intro before the cave sealing.

He seemed really pyscho and crazy, and just unappealing all around. Why my girl would call his name or save him is beyond me -- BUT I'm glad she did!! This was my favorite path for a long time. I love the secluded-with-your-sweetie story mechanic, because it's all about character development, and that's the good stuff. I admit the waking up with him next to you in bed was the best thing ever, ever. The fact that he's so underdeveloped when it comes to interacting with others is SO intrigued.

Of course, it wasn't "love" in the romantic sense, but an infatuation and posessiveness. While being posessive is scary because it usualy degrades the person to a mere object, I didn't feel like that was the case for Mina.

I think he just really doesn't understand what he feels, so it must be because it's his territory they're touching. I could go on, but I'll make the other path's jealous. I still have not gotten his additional festival CGs Caius Locked into Strangeness: Mina, by virtue of being the Death Sphere. Her original hair and eye colors were brown, and her skin slightly golden.

After Vitus fused her with the Death Sphere, her hair and eyes become a bluish purple, and her skin becomes extremely pale.

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Oryon says this to Mina, when he decides to freeze her. Everyone is after Mina because she is containing the Death Sphere. Not using Mina's destructive power on Caius after he severely injures Rune during the Life Path allows him to live long enough to thwart Oryon from recapturing Mina and Rune. Doing the opposite causes Caius to die of his wounds instead and leads to one of the game's worst endings.

When you seek him out for information, the Oracle is more than willing to explain who you are, where you are, why the place exists, and what the Hex monuments are. Being nice and helpful to Varian causes him to become visibly uncomfortable and tell Mina outright that helping him will not help her. On the other hand, pulling this off on him again during his path with the right choices does result in him having a change of heart at the last minute about his plan to reseal Mina.

Older Than They Look: Mina wakes up in a crystal with no memory at all. This extends to not only her identity and past, but also the very nature of the world she lives in. Powered by a Forsaken Child: The White Order figured out that they could protect people from the harmful rays of the Death sphere by using imprisoned orphans as a buffer. Mina was the only child who successfully contained the Death Sphere, and the others were killed by it.

The Hex Spheres, one of which has been sealed in a girl. Varian is blamed for Mina's unsealing, even though the real culprit is Zareh. Later, when Oryon's attempt at sealing Mina failed, he was blamed even though the culprit was, again, Zareh.