God wants a relationship with us verses china

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god wants a relationship with us verses china

Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks at a grand gathering to The Bible honors celibacy as a good way of living — Jesus was Condemning same-sex relationships is harmful to the LGBT community. a Bible-based non-profit organization that seeks to reform church Contact us at [email protected] He cares for us, has a plan for us, will not forsake us, and wants us to spend eternity with Him! Here is a selection of verses about God's thoughts toward us. of divorce, Pastor John Gray and wife to host relationship conference Bob Fu , founder of China Aid, speaks at a House Foreign Affairs' Bob Fu, a former Chinese house church leader who immigrated to the United States . Essentially, the communist party wants to impose themselves as the Lord over.

In AprilChina and Russia—along with former Soviet republics Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan—signed an accord in Moscow on troop reduction and security-building measures along the 4,mile border between China and the former Soviet Union.

god wants a relationship with us verses china

As a clear sign of surging cooperation between their two countries, Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Chinese President Jiang Zemin signed a declaration in November ending disputes over the implementation of the accord. This seemed to confirm that Russia and China, long vacillating between a historic relationship as friend and foe, were entering a new era of cooperation in strategic partnership to counter the perceived dominance of Western military and economic power.

August saw Russo-Chinese military cooperation leap to the next level when armed forces from both nations participated in joint antiterror exercises under the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization sco.

Since that time, they have held half a dozen joint military, naval and antiterror drills, often including troops from other sco members such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Many view these exercises as evidence of an emerging military bloc that could eventually rival nato. The first military strike of this rising Asian superpower came in Augustwhen Russia attacked the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

Moscow has since been working to bring other former Soviet nations—like Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan—into the union.

Putin has said his goal is to enlarge the union to include all post-Soviet states excluding the three Baltic European Union member states. Other key economic and military treaties have improved trust and cooperation. Both nations are reaping the benefits, realizing their very existence depends on good relations with each other. The Only Alternative Sino-Russian relations have evolved out of common interests.

On the same day that the Eurasian Economic Union was made official, Russia completed an oil pipeline and port complex that positions Moscow to become a more powerful oil exporter than Saudi Arabia.

Both share common defense concerns, which include protecting against radical Islam in and around Central Asia, challenging Western power in nato, and the prospect of taking advantage of a weakening U. Trade between Russia and China blossomed in the early s.

In fact, because economic partnerships have proved mutually beneficial, the prospect of filling other needs is bringing Russia and China even closer together—especially over energy supplies. Russia has the oil, natural gas, uranium and nuclear technology to provide power for the 1. There appears to be no alternative for these great powers. Both share common philosophies economically, politically and militarily—and both have a common enemy in the West.

But that equation is changing as Russia and China march toward a military alliance. The types of headlines that would have seemed strange 50 or 15 or even five years ago have now become commonplace: Less than six months later, they did it again, signing another tentative deal worth a sum of similar immensity. These are the two largest business transactions in human history.

In fact, for some years now, several nations, including these two Asian giants, have shaped their foreign policy largely around a desire to contain American power. Russian strategic bombers have once again taken to the skies to challenge U. In JuneRussian bombers were intercepted 50 miles off the coast of California, the closest they had gotten since the Cold War. On July 4,Russia flew nuclear-capable bombers just 40 miles from California. The date was not arbitrary.

When intercepted by U. We are here to greet you on your Fourth of July Independence Day. Inan undetected Chinese submarine surfaced inside a U. Other incidents, including collisions between U. Inafter a couple of high-profile incidents that saw the U.

These are huge stakes—global stakes! It is about the composition of the international system that governs world business and communications, and economic, social, political and military interaction.

god wants a relationship with us verses china

And the deterioration of relations between the U. It is evident that both Russian and Chinese officials are working to form a new alliance and counter American dominance of world affairs. Russian diplomats want to create a multipolar world, and they know that the most expedient way to do so is to cement relations with their closest neighbor to the south. But under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, who became president inthings have changed radically.

Not only because of the role Russia is prophesied to fulfill in world affairs, but also because its aggressive actions are provoking alarm and urgency within Europe—and that is the power that we really must watch!

The Europeans still remember how violent Russia was in World War ii, and Russia is a close neighbor with massive piles of nuclear weapons. This fear will cause Germany and other European nations to want stronger leadership.

Throughout history, Germany has often sought a strong leader. Bible prophecy says it will do so again—for the last time! These events are about a rapidly approaching World War iii. We should remember that Mr. Clearly, Putin had used his presidential powers to manipulate the process to ensure a victory for his United Russia party.

His strong-arm moves struck intense fear in Europe. Putin has nearly a two-thirds majority in both chambers of parliament. The liberal parties have been devastated.

From the beginning, Mr. Putin has sought to control that asset, no matter how much Western powers thundered in protest. The soaring price of oil from through thrust Russia back on the world stage as a dominant power. InPutin seized control of another massive oil company, oao Bashneft, and jailed the billionaire who had run it.

Inhe quietly set a plan in motion to take over oao Surgutneftegas, another oil and gas giant. Some analysts say his de facto ownership of Russian energy makes him not only the richest man in the world today, but one of the richest people in the history of the world. Russia is the largest oil supplier on the planet, and with global demand for oil increasing even as oil supplies are dwindling, Putin has a lot of leverage over other nations.

This amounts to nothing less than the birth of the Second Russian Republic ….

Russia and China in Prophecy

The new republic will continue to be a mixture of market and state-controlled economic forces. But it will be a country in which President Vladimir Putin controls both the political and economic levers of power. Those were very accurate statements! A new Russia has been born. He took over this new Russia. Now the world has another major reason to tremble! Notice more of what Stratfor wrote after the election: Putin is, first and last, a Russian nationalist, utterly pragmatic or ruthless in the tools he will use to strengthen the Russian state.

He has greater power now than anyone in Russia since the collapse of communism. He can reshape the regime.

god wants a relationship with us verses china

Consequently, the osce and Europe are nervous about where Putin is taking Russia. They have every reason to be: Stratfor used the word nervous three times for special emphasis.

It is nervous for good reason. And it is going to get a lot more nervous in a few short years. Europeans are not the only people who should be nervous. The whole world should be alarmed. Putin is changing the course of world history.

And Bible prophecy reveals exactly where it is leading. Pipeline Power Vladimir Putin went on from the parliamentary election to amass more power both at home and abroad.

Inhe enacted a law whereby regional governors, rather than being elected by the people, would be appointed directly by the president. More Russian firms were absorbed into state-controlled companies. Foreign companies were forced to sell out or face heavy fines for imaginary offenses.

Russian oligarchs who resisted were imprisoned or fled the country. Putin was busy building a powerful weapon. And in the winter of —06, he unveiled it publicly for the first time. Early the previous winter, Ukraine rebelled against Russia: In presidential elections, the people rejected the pro-Russian candidate in favor of pro-Western Viktor Yushchenko.

It was termed the Orange Revolution. Russia was not happy—and it soon demonstrated its new weapon. In the middle of the following winter, it cut off gas to Ukraine and said it would only resume supply when Ukrainians paid a far higher price. Ukraine had no choice but to cave in. The gas cutoff also affected Europe—a timely reminder that Russia could make European states pay if they dared cross the Kremlin.

As ofthe EU imported 56 percent of its energy, mostly from Russia. Germany, Italy and France imported 90, 91 and 95 percent of their daily oil needs respectively, and the vast majority of their natural gas needs. Russia continued to grow bolder and more belligerent. Instrong evidence pointed to Russian involvement behind a massive and organized Internet attack against Estonia. In August that year, Vladimir Putin announced that the Russian Air Force would resume Cold War-style nuclear bomber flights into international airspace.

That summer, Russian bombers entered UK airspace and flew on an intercept course toward the U. In FebruaryAmerican fighter jets intercepted two Russian bombers, one of which buzzed the aircraft carrier uss Nimitz. Russia also increased its power through strategic arms sales, courting nations throughout Asia, South America and even the Middle East.

If it creates a strong client base, that can later be transformed into a larger relationship. But looked like the end for Putin—at least to some. Under the Russian Constitution, the president is limited to two consecutive terms in office. Putin could not continue as president beyond the elections without changing the Constitution.

So he switched jobs. He became prime minister and kept the power, with Dmitry Medvedev, more or less a puppet, taking the presidency.

Putin remained to continue to push his belligerent policies and returned to the presidency in Another alarming indication of the direction Russia is taking came in August ofwhen Russia attacked the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

This was the first military strike of the rising Asian superpower! Look at a map of the Caucasus region. That is no longer the case. Russia is determined to be an energy superpower in an age when the whole modern world is hungry for energy. If Russia sees a prime source of oil being threatened, it is going to fight! There, Russia felt that Western nations had basically declared war.

But even before that, tensions were heating up. Russia was deeply unsettled by these developments. Bush also tried to bring Georgia and Ukraine into nato, but failed.

19 Bible verses showing God’s thoughts toward us

It seems highly unlikely Russia would ever allow that to happen. All it would take is 30 minutes of bombing to knock out this major source of Russian energy! So, as far as Russia is concerned, this is a matter of survival. The nation the Russians truly fear is Germany. Europe and the U. If Russian desires could not be accommodated even in a minor matter like this, then clearly Russia and the West were in conflict. For the Russians, as we said, the question was how to respond.

Having declined to respond in Kosovo, the Russians decided to respond where they had all the cards: Kosovo was the breaking point. InGermany supported the independence of Croatia and Slovenia. But Europe caved in when Germany threatened to pull out of the European Union.

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Soon, civil war broke out in Yugoslavia. These nations saw what Germany was doing, not only in Yugoslavia, but all over Europe. Postwar Europe had hoped to keep powerful Germany under control—with help from the U. Instead, America helped Germany enforce its will on Europe! Kosovo was a turning point in the Yugoslav war. After this state essentially came under German influence and control, it was inevitable that the rest of Yugoslavia would fall. So Germany led the U. Russia rightly blames the U.

We lied to Russia about expanding nato, and then ignored Russia over Yugoslavia, which culminated in Kosovo declaring independence in America bombed Serbia into submission and then handed it over to a German-led EU! America likes to think of itself as squeaky clean and righteous, driven by only the purest motives.

But this was truly an act of treachery—and incredible weakness. We have written quite a lot about this issue, and receive many sympathetic letters from Serbs who were double-crossed by America. In the Yugoslav wars, everything was turned around. America is one of the modern nations descended from biblical Israel. We have a history with God. We should be setting the example for the world!

When we make a promise, we should keep it! And we should be placing our faith in God rather than in our enemies. Today, Yugoslavia is gone because of our evil. The Intelligence Digest of August, said this: He prophesies that this relationship will end in our destruction! After watching and not interfering as Germany and the U.

The populations in those two breakaway regions are comprised mostly of Russian sympathizers. And if the U. When Russia made its move in Augustthe strategy worked to perfection. Does Russia fear America? And it used this opportunity to make the U.

Russia had been planning for this invasion for some time. For all that U. In the words of one U. This was a war of revenge, and it was planned months, perhaps years, in advance. Vladimir Putin is really the dictator of Russia. Remember how Adolf Hitler told the world exactly what he was going to do in his book Mein Kampf, years before he did it?

Why will we never heed such warnings? That is exactly right. The Bible warns us to expect a great power rising from the East. The attack on Georgia was the first act of war from the kings of the east—but it was not the last.

This was the first military strike of a rising Asian superpower—and there will be more! That area is the breadbasket of Russia, and surely it is willing to wage war over that as well. For several years, Ukraine had been working to join the EU. But on November 21, Yanukovych abruptly announced that he would not sign the agreement. Many analysts were shocked. They had thought Ukraine would make the deal and become part of the EU, or at least become allied with it in some fashion.

Why did the Ukrainian president make such a dramatic U-turn? It emerged in late November that Mr. Yanukovych had secretly flown to Moscow early in the month to meet with Putin. At this secret meeting, Putin apparently agreed to stop putting an economic squeeze on Ukraine and he also offered Yanukovych some rich financial rewards that would help him cling to power—if the Ukrainian president would pull out of the EU deal.

Experts agree that it was these tactics that caused Ukraine to pull out! When the Ukrainian government made this about-face, many of the people felt betrayed and oppressed. Putin applied all that pressure on Ukraine because that nation is the linchpin of his goal of a renewed imperial Russia!

A linchpin is the pin in an axle that keeps the wheel from coming off. Putin has long known that if Ukraine allies with Europe, it would significantly diminish his power.

Putin was doing everything in his power to keep the wheels from falling off his dream of a new Soviet empire. The Ukrainian people protested until Yanukovych fled the country.

Putin may not have expected this outcome, but he used the turmoil to advance his goal even further. He focused specifically on the federal Republic of Crimea, which was a semi-autonomous region of Ukraine. After deploying undercover agents to destabilize the peninsula, he arranged for a referendum to be held which would ostensibly let the people of the peninsula decide whether they wanted to return to Mother Russia or not. In truth, Ukrainian law unambiguously forbids any such referendum.

But no one stood up to stop the referendum, so on March 18,Crimea became an official part of Russia. The borders of Europe were redrawn. Putin is doing everything he can to prevent Georgia, Ukraine and all other former Soviet countries from developing closer ties with Europe.

He also recently pushed the U. It has also been instrumental in allowing Iran to continue pursuing nuclear weapons. Domestically, Putin has transformed the Russian media into a propaganda machine. This world has a lot of authoritarian rulers.

But Vladimir Putin is one we need to keep a particularly close eye on. His track record, nationality and ideology indicate that he could—and we strongly believe he will—fulfill a specific, linchpin Bible prophecy recorded millennia ago. The time frame of his rule makes it almost certain. This will be thoroughly discussed in Chapter 6.

Often there is more to an event than most people realize. Russia has much at stake in the Caucasus and is extremely sensitive to anyone who gets close to that area. Actually, Russia and Germany fear each other. Diplomats from the U. Why does Germany not want to blame Russia for its acts of brazen aggression? Why is Berlin so soft on Moscow regarding both Georgia and Ukraine?

god wants a relationship with us verses china

History provides a sobering answer. Every time competition between Russia and Germany heats up, they form a deal with each other—just before going to war! Infour years after the Great War ended, Germany and Russia stunned the world with a pact signed in Rapallo, Italy, that opened complete diplomatic relations between them.

Through the pact, the German Army could test weapons in Russia that were forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles. Even when Hitler became chancellor in and a wave of anti-Russianism gripped Germany, the Nazis made a move that seemed contrary to their anti-Soviet policy. This became known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Two years later, Germany violated the pact and attacked Russia. The history is quite clear.

Whenever it has wanted to expand its empire, Germany has always first removed the Russian threat through diplomacy. Its fear of Russia drove it to arm and become strong on the one hand, and seek peace with Russia until it had finished dealing with the rest of its enemies on the other.

There is evidence that such a deal may have been struck before the Georgia invasion. Bush was pushing for Georgia and Ukraine to enter nato, Europe initially supported the idea. Why the sudden change? What did the German leaders say privately to the Russians about Georgia and Ukraine? Germany knows Russia can be very brutal.

And we have a lot of nuclear weapons! If Russia formed an agreement with Germany over those situations, then Russia would have known the only possible other nation to be concerned about was the U. And Russia knew America was too weak to do anything about it! Russia has Germany—and all of Europe—over a barrel. Cutting off part of the flow of gas to a country would wreak havoc on its economy! The fact that Steinmeier was so quick to dismiss the idea of nato membership for Georgia and Ukraine tells us something else: Its ultimate plan is to kick nato aside and stand as an independent power!

So America ends up being a dupe all along the way. The relationship between Russia and Germany is very tense right now. Germany ignored Russia over Kosovo—but Russia will not be ignored anymore. The presence of a deal between these two nations is not a sign of peace.

Like the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, and so many others before it, it is a sign of exactly the opposite. Both of these nations are looking to secure their shared border—so they can pursue their imperialistic aims elsewhere! It is a precursor to war! That is the way they operate! The summer of marked the beginning of a new era! We saw an extraordinary military strike by one of the kings of the east. What power those kings of the east are amassing—and so quickly!

Europe can see it. And it is formulating a counterstrategy. The whole world should see this developing and realize: This will inevitably end in nuclear war! Experts tell us that once a nuclear war starts, it cannot be stopped. Such a monstrous Russian nuclear power is going to impact this world. We have reached the point of no return. How can these words and events not strike fear in all of us?

Do we realize this Earth is like a ticking nuclear bomb, waiting to explode? This world is in a kind of madness! It is precisely how Jesus Christ prophesied, almost 2, years ago, it would be in the end time. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved [alive]: These words should cause us to tremble—and repent! Not one person or animal would be left alive! It is building now—at this moment—to a spectacular fulfillment!

But you can know. All we need to do is understand the Bible, which tells us to watch world events—not dates. A more dictatorial Russian government is on the scene, and you need to know where it is leading.

That power will be able to challenge Europe when nobody else can—including the U. So says Bible prophecy. The Russian economy is in trouble, and time is running out on its opportunity to cut itself a position of lasting significance. Its conventional military and its nuclear arsenal are both aging quickly, though it is spending aggressively to update its armaments.

Demographically, birth rates are plunging precipitously. Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin are running out of time to restore Russia to great-empire status! America is squeezing Russia, hoping nature will take its course, and Russian power will wane.

Bible prophecy says that will indeed happen! In fact, expect Russia to ramp up its efforts to restore the Soviet empire. Among other activities, this will likely mean the forging of a major agreement with Germany and Europe that will address both European and Russian vulnerability. Expect Russia to continue to be highly active in defending and enlarging its periphery; Ukraine, or at least its eastern regions, will likely continue gravitating toward Moscow. Behind these developments is an invisible power, assuring that a master plan is being fulfilled.

But they should know because this message has been proclaimed for over 70 years. The king of the north is a united Europe, and the king of the south is radical Islam led by Iran.

Request our free booklet The King of the South. At the center of this new level of persecution is China's new regulation on religious affairs that was released last year but enacted on Feb. According to Fu, the revision of the religious regulations are to actively guide religion to "adapt to socialist society.

He added that the plan outline was finalized at a meeting this March. The plan proposes "cultivating and implementing the socialist core values. The New Testament will have new commentaries to interpret it.

There have been reports that state officials have gone door-to-door trying to get Christians to sign a statement renouncing their Christian faith. Now, after a few weeks of self-examination and political studies, they have realized they made a mistake.

This has not happened in the past. Fu said there is also a plan to shut down about two-thirds of the state-sanctioned churches in China in an effort to merge them.

State officials have also urged 20, house churches to close and join state-sanctioned churches, according to Fu.

Although leaders at these state-sanctioned churches and denominations have already been approved by the government, Fu said clergy have been forced to go through another round of examination to ensure their loyalty is to party before God. These slogans are being hanged around the church, even in many Catholic churches, on the walls and on the doors.