Iker casillas sara carbonero relationship problems

Sara Carbonero on Iker Casillas | following Real Madrid

iker casillas sara carbonero relationship problems

Jose Mourinho has taken one last parting shot at Iker Casillas by leaving him out Cristiano Ronaldo also misses Mourinho's send-off as relations between the Ronaldo has a niggling back problem but that did not prevent Mourinho Casillas – whose girlfriend, the television presenter Sara Carbonero. Readmore → Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero Photos. at had some relationship problems with his teammates, including Iker Casillas. As for the tension within the dressing room and his poor relationship with José Iker Casillas marries Sara Carbonero in secret wedding.

iker casillas sara carbonero relationship problems

Has this constant attention weakened you? Without realizing it, to protect yourself, you change your character a bit. You become more of a recluse, more introverted, less confident.

I know this because many people who know me well have told me. The truth is that I would like to go unnoticed, like the rest of my colleagues.

Having cameras follow you affects your life. And sometimes people confuse that with being in a bad mood, because I try not to draw attention to myself when I go out and I always need to be doing something with my hands. Is being able to help others the good side of fame? Tell us about your work with the Red Cross.


Right now there are people who go to the Red Cross with shopping bags from department stores so that when they return home, they appear to have come back from shopping. We filled the donation box.

iker casillas sara carbonero relationship problems

It was a triumph. And that day I went home happy. How long has it been since you took a tranquil stroll around Madrid? Before, that was one of my hobbies. I love the noises of the street.

The other day, thanks to the Red Cross, I got to do a bit of that. I was only three! This was due to my father. He played everything for me. In fact, my dream is to do a radio program related to music.

I would love that! What is your cathartic song? Do you play any instruments? Yes, the guitar, since I was eight. How are you treated by users of social networks?

iker casillas sara carbonero relationship problems

I prefer people who support and encourage, who make me feel loved through Facebook and Twitter. With regards to this particular one, we had just finished eight hours of live filming, we had just done 15 interviews.

The first one to get upset with making a mistake is me. Sometimes I get the feeling that with me, nothing is forgotten. What things help you to handle this pressure and lead a normal life? The best comfort is my loved ones.

Everything is better when I talk to her. Another fundamental thing is knowing your origins. It was raining very hard, but I was happy there, speaking about mus and not about football. Has Iker helped you to handle the persecution from the media?

iker casillas sara carbonero relationship problems

When I met Iker, he had already been famous for 11 years, for good and for bad. I knew what it was like to be exposed to criticism. And yes, he has helped me to handle everything and to laugh at myself. When I arrive exhausted at home, he always listens to me. He knows all this. Is it finally breaks loose? But we say that the goalkeeper and striker are not on speaking terms since the Portuguese as defined by Sara as selfish … It was put together breaks loose.

iker casillas sara carbonero relationship problems

Sara Carbonero a year ago And this seems to have influenced too much on the presenter. A year ago, the hostess wore a look healthy with 54 kilos with which was great. After much tension and working around the clock, the journalist has been in the bones.

Increasingly thin During the past few months has lost a lot: Sara is unclear what should be: In her last public appearances she looks tense, serious, harried, she even seemed to have trouble breathing. An icon for many She is aware that her image is vital to her career, but endeavor to see it not only as a pretty face.

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Perhaps the pressure to try to be perfect always has been the go under the knife to enhance her chest. Iker, her best accessory When you turn their site to the couple, the face of the journalist was a calm and peaceful. Casillas, meanwhile, put on a poker face.

Their relationship causes her to be the target of the media. Just do not hide for hugging and kissing in public … Symptoms of anxiety On arrival at the show of the 40 made efforts to appear to be calm and relaxed but it is obvious that at public events she get very nervous. Always in the spotlight Since joining Tele 5 and met her relationship with Iker, Sara receives much criticism.

Sara Carbonero & Iker Casillas - Tu amor

These days, the newspaper Mundo Deportivo said Casillas and Cristiano does not speak for her guilt. With this busy schedule, do not feed what you eat. Calendar Girl She has also participated in solidarity calendar Ana Rosa, a program that also works, which girlfriend Spiderman posing next to Maxim Huerta. Very, very thin Even in the photo calendar AR, we found that the host is in the bones. Neither frilly dress I can hide.

Natural beauty Still, the beauty of Sara has no doubts. Needs to breathe The particular style of Sara has become a reference point of fashion. She nobody knows how many possibilities to achieve different looks and kept up to date.

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A heavy burden Her breathtaking beauty has earned the title of the sexiest reporter television. Sometimes, when dressed up, leave the most painted stone but increasingly you notice you are losing weight. In this photo, the thinness of his face is worrying and the makeup does not do her a great favor. Hopefully he recovers Lejor is and image of the journalist smiling and relaxed in front of the media.