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For Radiata Stories on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "NH Also a quick observation on the human ending. SH3 doesn't really have any connection at all other than some characters (like Lenny) to . I'm gonna go with Radiata Stories on this one. The Human ending sequence where Jack packs his bags and walks home while the. Radiata Stories is a role-playing game developed by tri-Ace and published by Square Enix Tensions between the humans and non-humans skyrocket as three . They Really Do Love Each Other: Jack and Ridley's relationship started with her . Downer Ending: Given the game has multiple endings, there had to be one.

And with the Silver Dragon dead, I dont think humans have to live forever like The silver dragon had planned I think if humans lived forever like the elves, it would destroy what it meant to be human and what Aphelion loved about the humans so much. The disavantages of the human ending werent that bad in my opinion Jack not learning the truth of his father's death But the real killer of his father was avenged when Jack killed the wind dragon and Gil It was light elf assassins that killed Cairn, and Gil is said to be the best of the light elf assassins It wasnt like Ridely was his true love or anything He is only 16 and they werent even dating He will get over it with time I think Ganz's death in the non human ending was a waste Gawain died so that Ganz may live Ganz one of my favorite characters in the game lives in the human ending I bet Jack and Ganz meet up again since they both left Radiata Basically the two endings give you a choice Sacrifice one for the many, or sacrifice the many for the one I think it is pointless to sacrifice humanity for Ridley's sake Jack and Ridley didnt even have much time to build a true relationship Eliminating all those discrepancies was a big pain.

I like making all the link attacks too. Also, we gave each individual character their own personality and style, so I hope players try them all out in battle. If you like her, by all means use her to the end of the game!

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The graphic designers had it the worst. But they all suffered in silence and stoicly endured.

Many people performed multiple parts, of course. For this game, we asked the voice actors to treat it more like an anime or a Western movie, as opposed to a game. With that in mind, we chose a slightly different cast of voice actors than you might expect.

That was something we knew how to do, so we tried using it in the game. To be honest it was something I really wanted to do. The ability to adjust the camera angle like that was something tri-Ace had developed in the previous Star Ocean games. Using it here allowed for some very nice scenes. Without it, the edges on the 3D models stand out too much, and it looks too angular.

Moving the camera around during the scenes allows those edges to blend into the background. What kind of sound was he aiming for this time? Something different from existing games today—that was one thing we wanted.

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When Radiata Stories was being developed, right at that time Iwadare was working on another game, and had made some songs for it that we felt fit the mood for Radiata stories, so we asked if he could work for us.

She sings one of the ending themes, Fortune. Once we decided to ask Nami Tamaki to perform the theme song, we started making preparations to add her into the game as a character. Can you tell us about some of them? This is connected to the characters Nyx and Sonata, but we had a scenario that had to do with a race of people living far north of Radiata.

We were going to have scenarios based around their community and its antagonistic relationship with Radiata. Concept art for Nyx and Sonata. Elwen was a dark elf, and in the past she teamed up with the hero Alfred and they adventured together. In the course of knowing Alfred, Elwen comes to love humans, and after Alfred dies, she forms a mercenary group which later became the Theatre Vancoor guild in order to fulfill his dying wish to defend mankind.

It is true that none of their mothers appear in the game though. Algandars is seen as a disease, one that makes humans go mad and kills elves… but that is actually a misunderstanding.

In the game they say that the possessor of an orb defeated a dragon, but it would be more correct to say that he returned the dragon to the orb. Dragons are immortal, you see.

The dragon in the orb has once again returned to sleep, but when the time is right, it could come back to life someday… —Cairn possesses an orb, but why did he fight the water dragon in the first place? He defeated the water dragon in order to protect humans. Cairn himself was a friend to Lord Zane and the fairies, but they parted ways over the issue of the water dragon, which was menacing humankind.

Why is Ridley selected as the vessel of the gold dragon, Quasar? Likewise, how did Aphelion, the silver dragon, select Lucian as his human vessel? Lucian is the one who had defeated the silver dragon previously. The popular legend says that when the Silver and Gold dragons exchange places, it will spell the doom of humans. And it is the person whose existence has created the greatest imbalance—that is the person who is chosen as the vessel.

Last time that was Lucian when he wounded the silver dragon, and this time around, it is Ridley because she underwent the forbidden ritual of transpiritation.

Concept art for JJ. Well, I apologize if this sounds pedantic, but the dragons, fairies, and all that—they all come from the minds and hearts of humans. When he first sees the explosion outside the fort, he assumes that Radiata is being destroyed, and laughs insanely. But as he is cured of the disease, he calms down.

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No longer being driven to extreme violence by the disease, his stomach for death and killing is nowhere near the levels that it was.

If that happened, it is reasonable that he would be far less interested in waging a war of extermination. He could still do it, of course, but his heart wouldn't be in it, and it should be much easier to dissuade him from throwing away more elvish lives attacking that humongous pile of rocks.

Note that at the end of the game, Ridley has gold sparkles while Jack has an echoing voice -- both characteristics of the gold dragon. My understanding is thatevery previous time the prophecy occurred, the dragon utterly possessed the human host. The human wasfor all intents and purposes dead. But something has happened differently this time around. Or perhaps it is better to say that they are not, strictly speaking, hosts. Each possesses a measure of the power of the gold dragon, but neither possesses it completely.

So rather than a single gold dragon arbiting the new age, the new age is arbitrated by two humans, each possessing a measure of the gold dragon's power. Thus, the new age is the age of humans, not the age of dragons. As Lucian said, humans have no need for guardians anymore. The dragons will sleep forever. I have three different hypotheses: You don't see any people in the human ending, either, when Gawain and Ridley are sneaking out of Radiata together after seeing Jack.

Nor do we see anyone in town except the principle characters when the Rose Cochon brigade leaves town the first time to escort the trade goods from earth valley. B Ridley and Jack are sneaking in. As seen in other animations, other people aren't shown when people are sneaking around. The reason we don't see people around is because Ridley and Jack don't want to be dragged straightway to the castle dungeons.

So they waited until the dead of night when everyone else was off the streets to sneak back into town. C The people are in the castle.

Games where their ending lessened your opinion of it?

You don't see any humans in tria valley during the war -- presumably they've been evacuated out of the way so the soldiers can fight you without the civilians getting underfoot. If Radiata is anticipating an assault on the city direct by the elves, it makes sense that the civilians would be evacuated into the castle, both for their protection and to keep from getting underfoot while the town runs red with violent fighting.

That's why the castle's so big, after all. It has to be able to hold the entire population of Radiata if the first line of defense at the gates fall.