Relationship counseling southern nj

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relationship counseling southern nj

Find Couples Counseling Therapists, Psychologists and Couples Counseling in New Jersey, get help for Couples Counseling in New Jersey. Find and research local Marriage & Family Therapists in Cherry Hill, NJ including ratings, contact information, and more. Paula Susan, MSW, LCSW is a Relationship and Trauma Specialist in Southern New Jersey who has been counseling couples and individuals for over 33 years .

It has been said that we read the world wrong and then we are angry. It really is about our perceptions — the meaning we give to what we hear and see. Each of us brings unfinished pieces of ourselves from very different life experiences, belief systems embedded deeply within us.

For example, verbal abuse instills low self-esteem. It matters what we have lived. We are profoundly marked by those experiences. The scary thing is that we often replicate what has been painful by choosing partners who will continue the style in which we were raised. An angry father may be reproduced in the angry husband. Healing ourselves before we commit to relationships would make the most sense. However, the growth that happens within the context of relationship counseling creates a beautiful bond of understanding and compassion.

relationship counseling southern nj

It can make all the difference. I will help make conscious what you are not able to see — the blind spots we all have. Some of these have influenced the way you relate to the world and the people in your life.

relationship counseling southern nj

Often, these are the obstacles that keep us from having the life and relationships we want. As a result of the healing, you will learn how to give and to receive love.

The Chinese symbol for crisis is also the same for opportunity. I like and believe in that connection. Whether you are healing trauma or relationships, you will move into the rest of your life with a realistic sense of who you are and how to attract the things in life that will fulfill you.

My extensive education in the areas in which I specialize gives me a depth of understanding and skills to offer my clients that transform their lives.

And, because of the cutting-edge training I continue to seek, I am able to do deep work in short dynamic therapy time. In my office, old-fashioned long-term talk therapy is obsolete. How long the therapy process depends on the needs of the particular client.

About the Practice

My design for our first meeting will give me a sense of who you are and how you experience your present life. If you are coming in as a couple, I will have you fill in The Inventory that will offer me an overview of how you view yourselves and your relationship.

relationship counseling southern nj

You will have some material to take home and preparation to do for our next session. This will allow us to quickly get into the healing work. When I am seeing couples, I will spend time with each of you as well as together. My training affords me the skills to do that in the service of healing the most critical, complex aspects of relationship.

Now we have launched a journey that promises to fulfill. Look on it as a vitally important education about who you really are and your potential to create a wonderful life. With my skills and those I teach, we will accomplish dynamic healing that will free you from self-destructive patterns. You will know how to make healthy decisions. That is what I call successful results! Research has shown that insight and intellectual understanding are NOT enough to do the job.

The hunger for relationship is perhaps the most powerful drive of all. It compels us to do extraordinary things It is responsible for many of the major decisions of our lives.

NJ Counseling | Paula Susan

From marriage to children, career and finances, politics and war, relationships literally make the world go 'round. Clearly, the challenge of a successful relationship can be daunting.

We spend our lives longing for fulfillment with another person or people and can create quite a complicated web in the process!

Layer upon layer of confusion, misunderstanding, hurt and unfulfilled expectation accumulate through a lifetime to leave us bewildered and in pain about "what went wrong". This is the secret of intimacy.

relationship counseling southern nj

We must learn how to open the gates to who we really are in order to join with another and experience the fulfillment we seek. When we are intimate with another person, we feel joined with them, a deep empathy and resonance that can be amongst the most meaningful experiences in life.

It is called love -- not necessarily the fairy-tale kind of living "happily ever after" But with the right tools and a deep understanding of the barriers that cause us to hide ourselves and bump up against each other, we can find the true experience of intimacy and live lives that are joyful, meaningful, whole and complete.

At Pressman and Associates, we have these tools and will guide you through the pitfalls to create truly fulfilling relationships. We use a combination of deep insight into the sources of the conflicts you are experiencing, and action-oriented "tasks" to move through the barriers to intimacy -- powerfully and thoroughly.

Communication skills are only the beginning. Once one becomes adept at the process of self-understanding, it's easy to see how to stop the same old tired patterns that get us into trouble, and then navigate through the other person's barriers as well.