Respect for a relationship

Why Respect is the Foundation of Any Relationship

respect for a relationship

Relationships will never be % perfect. But your commitment to that relationship and that person has to be %. Speak Up. In a healthy relationship, if something is bothering you, it's best to talk about it instead of holding it in. Respect Each Other. Your partner's wishes and. People have a lot of different ideas about what "respect" means. Let's talk about what respect means in a healthy relationship!.

Healthy Relationships

In other words, there was tension, which was created by them constantly not speaking out of love, which ended up creating a volatile energy between the couple. The building block of this is how the couples speak about one another, and how the couples speak directly to one another. So, really think about how you talk and think about your partner. The amount of people who are in relationships who can often depict such a negative image of their partner is mind blowing.

Yes, there are going to be things that drive you crazy about your partner. But if you continue to linger on those things, you lose sight of the best things that drew them to you in the first place. To love the right way and respect your relationship, embrace the negative, you made the choice to be where you are. How often do you see people in relationships that still seek attention outside of their relationship?

Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free They allow this attention to exist in the atmosphere because they do not respect their relationship enough to remove it. Even worse, they might not be able to function without it. They have stopped depositing love into the bank account. So the health of their relationship starts to wane and dwindle as they continue down a toxic path in their relationship.

I have been like this in the past. Sure, they were just friends, technically. But I thought they were attractive and the conversations would have probably been much different had I been single at the time. But by doing this, even though they were seemingly harmless interactions, I was disrespecting our relationship. To really love someone is to love them without ever needing to acknowledge outside attention or admiration.

3 Rules to Respect Your Love Relationship the Right Way - The Good Men Project

Because simply loving them should be enough, right? There is a line in a relationship. Some people get close to that line. Some people tight rope that line and hang onto their relationship by a thread.

But to love the right way, is to never even get close to that line. You need to protect your relationship.

respect for a relationship

You need to protect your love. Your love for your partner is respected, acknowledged that your heart is taken and spoken for, which makes your love even purer than it was before. I understand the temptation. And you see, over time, those pebbles build up and begin to create one badass-fucking sandcastle. You can both bring new ideas and activities to your relationship, keeping it exciting and engaging. It also gives you both a chance to talk about your relationship with your friends and family.

You can disagree with someone and still respect their opinion.

respect for a relationship

Part of what makes relationships awesome is the differences! You can show your partner you appreciate them by going to their baseball game or art show, even if you would never set foot in a baseball stadium or art gallery otherwise.

This is coercive, and potentially abusive. Get to know yourself. What are you willing to compromise on? What qualities complement your own? Get to know yourself as an individual and as a partner. Knowing yourself helps you communicate better, and your partner will definitely appreciate that. Knowing your personal boundaries makes it a lot easier to know when those boundaries have been crossed, and when you should end a relationship.

It all comes down to listening to your partner, and being kind to them. If your partner wants to know where you are all the time, frequently accuses you of lying or cheating, puts you down, calls you names, or is in any way physically aggressive, you may be in an abusive relationship. Abusive relationships are based on power and control, rather than respect. Consider seeing a therapist. She has been working with marginalized and underserved adolescents for 6 years.

respect for a relationship

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