Restkit core data relationship mapping template

iOS RestKit Tutorial

restkit core data relationship mapping template

RestKit is a framework that aims to simplify the "plumbing" of your application to allow you to focus on your core In this screencast, I focus on fetching JSON from an API and mapping it onto our own objects using RestKit's mapping features. enough to let you use a temporary API key for the sample app. We use Core Data at Remind to persist the data retrieved from the API. . ( Naturally, all of these examples only contained a couple of endpoints.) We create a new RKEntityMapping, which tells RestKit that this is a Core Data entity (as . It gets a little more complicated as relationships are added between. Advanced Object Mapping: Key-value coding and relationship mapping. Core Data: Integration between the object mapper and Apple's Core in the RKCatalog example, found in the RestKit/Examples/RKCatalog directory.

  • Intro to RestKit: Mapping

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restkit core data relationship mapping template

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