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Whatever it might be, it beats more Quizilla quizes. . This writer found the Dalhousie Wireless Internet connection and the free-of-charge broadband at Uncommon Grounds. Time to surreptitiously acquire his latest album - which will entail me . There's a thing I realise about these girly quiz things. Marriage has severly restricted my career options. Becoming a you:)) Enjoy! Heres a quiz i liked Maybe these places think it's a treat to offer its clientele surreptitious glances at others genitalia. Maybe that's brought to you by Quizilla. The new Blink album is among my favorites, so this quiz pretty much nailed it . I received some good advice regarding my female relationship difficulties. I might have to take that brought to you by Quizilla. Posted on . I stepped surreptitiously out from behind the wine and walked up to her as calmly as possible.

This is my favorite element of the Mass. It reminds me that as a priest I am not a "Lone Ranger. In preparation for this renewal, Fr. Cameron has made it easier for priests to make a good, if not a great, confession. In the continuing effort to help my brother priests be greater priests, I reprint the examination here. Have I been diligent in devoting time and energy to preaching the Gospel? Have I been reverent in offering the holy sacrifice of the Mass?

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Have I devoted myself to the Word of God? Am I faithful in going to confession frequently? Is my love of God evident in my conversation and actions?

Am I faithful to praying the Liturgy of the Hours? Do I live in a recollected manner? Am I faithful to daily private prayer?

Have I been compassionate and merciful in the confessional? Have I shown pastoral charity to those seeking counsel?

Can You Force Yourself To Like A Record Through Blunt-Force Repetition?

Am I generous with my time? Have I been present and generous to the hospitalized, the elderly, the imprisoned, and the homebound? Have I taken the initiative in the religious education of children? I would add initiatives for adult formation.

Am I generous in showing special concern for the poor? Have I cultivated deeper love of the Blessed Virgin Mary? Am I obedient to my Ordinary? Do I live with missionary zeal? Am I faithful to Church teaching and to the Magisterium? Do I witness to the Gospel through a modest lifestyle? Do I make time for spiritual reading and theological study? Is commitment to holiness the chief priority behind my pastoral planning?

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Is my life one of loving, self-sacrificing service? Do I welcome the cross in my life and devote myself to Gospel penance? Have I applied myself to ongoing priestly formation? Have I made time this past year for a retreat? I'll tell you a record everyone says I should like but even after owning it 20 years i still dont like - Astral Weeks. You can listen to Astral Weeks 22 times in the next week, then. The only shame involved would be admitting that I don't get a 'canonical' album.

And it's not "Astral Weeks". I'm always trying to finalize my taste, assert unequivocally and for all time that this is what I like and I'm going to spend the next year listening to it exclusively and become the world's biggest expert or whatever.

That never comes close to panning out, I'm invariably off on something new the next week. But I think it's a genuine "I just don't like this" because all my friends liking them didn't get me to like them; them being hott didn't get me to like them; one of my favourite musicians joining the band didn't get me to like the. What will it take to get me to like them? Other people can do the experiment for NV's reasons, or for whatever reasons. Many singles I review get middling scores only to wind up on my top twenty charts because I was wrong the first time it happens more often with singles than albums; these days I rarely change my mind about albums more than once a year.

Didn't they sue Dead Kennedys? You have to choose something that you already know you don't like. Just to show you know it's special. That's the meat and potatoes of life you know? So when you do find yourself with a little meat in your hands don't let it go. I do not know the answer to any of those. I need to stop reading and thinking and get my pop culture on. I'm changing my doo-hickey. Which is more than I can say for my unmentionables.

Listen, WR, when you're up there, give that hunk of a goalie a shag for me, would ya? USA - Thursday, March 04, at Why did they ever trade Damphousse? But, I dunno, I'm a sucker for chuck berry ripoffs. I heard Cheetah and R. Lloyd filling in for the long dead Peter Laughner and D. Thomas have been fighting incessantly since the Rocket From the Tombs reunion tour started. I missed out on seeing that due to the blizzard in december.

Heard it was veddy, veddy good. That's not even the best punk record, never mind best of all time. This pretender puts all others to shame. This is what I want my pathetic corpse laid to rest in when I vacate this mortal colon. To review the following activities are not allowed in libraries, despite the lack of signage: No having sex 4. No feeding your children unless its breast feeding 5. No riding circus ponies, or any other breed of animal 6.

No cock fights 7.