What is jesus relationship to god

28 Bible verses about Christ's Relationship To God

what is jesus relationship to god

Considering how God resurrected Jesus leads us on to think of the relationship between God and Jesus. If they are "co-equal co-eternal", as the trinity doctrine . God loves us and wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. relationship with God by putting your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord . Many Christians have puzzled over this for many years, so it is pretty normal to struggle to understand how the relationship between God and Jesus works.

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But you know it, because it remains with you, and will be in you. Further, the Holy Spirit would absolve them of sin, utilizing the ministry of the Church.

The Holy Spirit would also be the force propelling them to salvation. Given the divine powers of the Holy Spirit, the Church believes in the full divinity of the Holy Spirit. The early Christians understood the Trinity intuitively by faith, but they were not yet able to plainly articulate it.

They could, however, sense heresy when something was awry in an interpretation.

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Out of controversies and debates and aided by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Church came over the course of several centuries to the full doctrine of the Trinity. Along the way, the Church even developed the term person as we use it today to speak of an individual of a rational nature.

Unlike us, Jesus was not conceived by two earthly parents; He was born of a virgin through a miraculous work of God.

He was born holy, without sin. Jesus was both fully God and fully human. It is also significant that the most thorough Gospel account of the virgin birth was written by Luke, a medical doctor.

If anyone knew the impossibility of a virgin birth, it was Luke—yet, after careful research, he concluded that it was a fact.

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The God who was powerful enough to create the universe was also powerful enough to bring Jesus into the world without a human father. His miraculous birth is just one more testament to His deity. Why should we care who Jesus is? There is one way to heaven, one way to be free from your sin and to have a relationship with God.

what is jesus relationship to god

The consequence of sin is death Romans 6: That means eternal separation from God. But because Jesus lived a sinless life, His death on the cross provided the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

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Because He defeated death by rising again, we can have eternal life in the presence of God when we put our trust in Him. Hundreds of people saw and believed in the risen Christ after His death and resurrection, and countless people in the past 2, years have discovered that only Jesus can meet the deepest longings and needs of the human heart. Can we trust what the Bible says about Him? So, to look at the first part of your question, what does it mean for God to have a son?

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It is quite hard to understand how these three work together. Some people find it easier to understand with an analogy - so, for example, God is like water - ice, water and steam are all water but they are all different.

what is jesus relationship to god

The analogy fails at various points but that might be a way to start to get your head around it. So a few things about the trinity that we should keep in mind: All three persons of the trinity are God.

what is jesus relationship to god

If you want to look at some verses, you could look at Deuteronomy 6: So the three persons of the trinity are the same God, but they are each distinct.